Waiver and Informed Consent

By completing this application I am confirming that I understand martial arts competition, like all contact sports, involves the risk of serious injury or death. I am knowingly and intelligently waiving my rights to bring legal action against Five Elements Massage, Martial Arts, and Oriental Health LLC, DBA Omaha Blue Waves Martial Arts, the Omaha National Martial Arts Championship, Millard Public Schools, Septemberfest, the Omaha Film Festival, the United States Kido Federation, the tournament director, the tournament staff, judges, volunteers, or employee thereof for any injury or loss arising out of my choice to participate in this tournament and associated events. I make this agreement binding upon my heirs and assignees AND indemnify all entities list above for any action taken by an other person on behalf of myself or my minor child. I have been advised that I should not participate in Omaha National Martial Arts Championship if I have a question about my health or if I have been advised by a physician not to participate in a physically strenuous sport. I affirm that I am covered by medical insurance. I, also, waive compensation for the use of my image, voice, video, or likeness used in conjunction with this tournament, and associated events, show, or documentary. I understand that I may be requested to provide proof of age upon request.